Personal Data Dispute Mediation Committee

Cases of Personal Data Dispute Mediation Committee

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1 Ski resort facilities’ restricting the right of data subject taking advantage of published personal  PDF
2 Travel agency’s use of personal data for commercial purposes without data subject’s consent PDF
3 Online shopping mall operator’s responsibility failing to implement technical and managerial safeguards for personal data protection PDF
4 Cable television system operator leaving event participant’s personal data exposed to search engine PDF
5 Apart Management office denying habitant’s demand of the destruction of personal data PDF
6 Responsibility of business transferee failing to notify the transfer of personal data to data subjects PDF
7 Unauthorized provision of CCTV videos to a third party PDF
8 Medical institution’s collection of the resident registration number of the guardian of patient PDF
9 Public entity’s use of CCTV videos beyond the prescribed purpose PDF
10 Card company having applied for automatic transfer on behalf of a customer without data subject’s consent PDF
11 Provider of who’s online service based on personal data of public figures PDF
12 Cosmetic company conducting TM without data subject’s consent to collect and use personal data PDF
13 Mandatory membership data exposures to Google’s search robot PDF
14 Dispute over data breach on the part of public institutions PDF
15 Franchisor’s responsibility for illegal retention of client’s data PDF
16 Hospital’s negligence to expose patient’s medical records to Google owing to failure of technical measures PDF
17 Liability of online service provider who exposed personal data to the Internet search engine owing to failure of technical measures PDF
18 Liability of online photo album maker who conveyed client’s photo online website without data subject’s consent PDF