Administrative Penalties

Cases of Administrative Penalties

Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS)

As a competent authority of Personal Information Protection Act, MOIS is responsible for personal data policy development and investigation, and the enforcement of personal data protection legislation.

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1 Five corporations with 100 thousand and more personal data leaked out subject to fine for negligence of 42 million won PDF
2 Pan-government departmental inspection of public/private management status of personal data expose 58 corporations in breach of PIPA PDF
3 Colleges and hospitals with weak points at homepage inspected and fined up to 157 million won PDF
4 Field inspection of professional organizations in possession of sensitive data led to fine for negligence totaling 49 million won PDF
Korea Communications Commission (KCC)

As a competent authority of Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, ETC, KCC regulates broadcasting and communication service providers, protects users of broadcasting and communications services, and establish and implement personal data protection policies related to broadcasting and communications

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1 Administrative fines for increased to 3% of the ISP’s annual turnover for failure to comply with DP laws PDF
2 “K” company using its personal data for election campaign-related SMS beyond the scope of consent subject to penalty surcharge of one billion won PDF
3 Correctional order to Apple and Google in violation of the Location Act and fine for negligence therefrom PDF
4 Google was fined 212.3 million won for its street view violation of DP law PDF
5 After field inspection of mobile communications agents dealing with personal data, 26 violators were fined a total of 146 million won. PDF
6 Eight businesses in violation of mandatory separate storage of personal data based on the velocity of use imposed fine for negligence totaling 110 million won as well as correctional order PDF
Financial Services Commission (FSC)

As a competent authority of Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, FSC is responsible for credit information protection.

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1 Administrative punishment is newly introduced in relation to credit information PDF
2 Fine for negligence against ‘S” bank on charge of improper inquiry of personal credit information with customer’s consent PDF
3 Massive-scale card date breach in the early 2014 PDF