Judicial Ruling & Resolution

Personal Data Protection-related decisions

Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC)
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1 Inquiry concerning provision of CCTV files on unlawful disposition of trash (No. 2016-01-01) PDF
2 Inquiry concerning the legality of wearable camera (No. 2015-10-18) PDF
3 Interpretation of laws and regulations regarding collection of personal data via CCTV without consent (PIPC Resolution No. 9 in 2013) PDF
4 Inquiry concerning the public agencies’ provision of CCTV information on traffic accident to casualty insurers (No. 2015-15-28) PDF
5 Inquiry concerning the disclosure of visual information processed by city CCTV devices at construction site (No. 2015-08-14) PDF
6 Inquiry concerning probable breach of the personal information protection act in case of connected transmission of traffic video files (PIPC Resolution No. 21 in 20112) PDF
7 Inquiry concerning military request of CCTV files of regional CCTV center and police (No. 2015-18-32) PDF
8 Inquiry concerning municipality’s provision of traffic and anti-crime CCTV files to police, fire station or military camp (No. 2015-10-17) PDF
9 Inquiry concerning online synchronized monitoring between CCTV center and police station (No. 2014-19-20) PDF
10 PIPC Decision regarding the enhanced protection of personal data in using smartpHOME apps in 2014 PDF
11 PIPC Decision regarding the protection of personal data processed/transmitted by smartpHOMEs in 2013 PDF
12 PIPC Decision regarding the provision and use of customer’s data by financial holding companies in January 2014 PDF
PIPC Decision regarding TOS of Google Inc. in June 2012
National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK)
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1 Public prosecution official’s improper notification of DNA sampling PDF
2 Recommendation on DNA Identification Act to the Constitutional Court PDF
3 Statement concerning “L” baseball club’s surveillance via CCTV of baseball players’ private life PDF
4 Leak of personal data via school life notification PDF
5 Leakage of personal data of civil claimants by public officials PDF
Decision on infringement upon human rights by posting law enforcement summons on the residence entry
7 Recommendation to National Assembly and government Ministry to draw up legal criteria for installation and use of surveillance devices (NHRC Resolution November 12, 2007) PDF
8 Recommendation to National Assembly and Government Ministry to draw up legal criteria for installation and use of surveillance devices (NHRC Resolution May 10, 2014) PDF